Which Demographics are Consuming the Most Cannabis?

Knowing who is buying your product is of vital importance when it comes to marketing, and in the relatively young cannabis industry, this can be very hard to find. Countless studies with conflicting results are floating around, making it hard to nail down exactly who you are selling to. 

The one area of buyers that most people can agree on is age. Most studies show that the average consumer is around 36 years old, and most buyers are within the 25-29 range. To many people outside of the cannabis industry, this might come as a surprise; the majority of consumers are not delinquent teenagers but are instead mature adults. 

So where does the consumer conflict arise? With gender. There are dozens of reports claiming that men consume much more cannabis than women, including sites like Headset.io. On the other end of the spectrum, however, cannabisconsumer.org and others claim the opposite. This is where your marketing campaign can get a little muddy. At the moment, it is impossible to know exactly who is buying your product, and you are just going to have to go with your gut. 

The best thing to do is to perform your own research. Keep a google analytics page and track everyone who purchases through your site.