Joining Cannabis Business Associations Is Money Well Spent

If you're reading this it's likely that you are already in or are considering getting into the thriving cannabis industry. It takes a lot of money and funding to start a cannabis business. You may look at your budget and see no room for discretionary spending. It's good to be budget conscious when starting your business and once your established. However, there is one area that you should not skimp out on - Joining Industry Associations. Here are just a few reasons why it's vital to participate in our industry associations. 

  • Networking- Getting your name out there is a huge part of being successful, especially in the early stages. Joining associations will give you great opportunity to meet with business owners all across the cannabis industry and network your product. 
  • Legislative Advocacy-  Will support efforts to change outdated laws that hinder the cannabis industry's potential growth. It may provide better access to banking, and helps with issues that are very important to the cannabis industry.
  • Member discounts- There are a ton of B2B discounts on products and services, which often times will cover the cost of the full membership.
  • Insurance discounts- When insurance carriers see that you are a part of an association, they understand you are invested in your business and are doing what it takes to run a proper operation and keep your exposure down.

If your state has a cannabis business association or more than one, find the best fit and join it. Trade associations are one of the most valuable tools for any business wanting to protect their livelihood and collaborate with colleagues. Not only are associations a great way to learn the business and meet others, but they often have group buying power, local legislative power and yes even lead to impressive insurance discounts!

We've done some research and have compiled the list below if you have not yet located your local association:

California: California Cannabis Industry Association

Florida: Florida Cannabis Industry Association

Oregon: Oregon Cannabis Association

Washington: Washington Cannabusiness Association

Arizona: Arizona Medical Cannabis Association

Colorado: Cannabis Business Alliance

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society

Texas: Texas Cannabis Industry Association

National: National Cannabis Industry Association

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is a great association to join and get started with. They have events across the country and help fight for our industry on a national level. We are members and highly recommend you join. They have similar points on reasons for joining here 

Please leave comments below if you know of other associations or pending associations that can be added to this list. There are many emerging cannabis markets and associations will inevitably follow. If your area does not have an association why not consider getting together with other cannabis industry members to form one? There is strength in numbers!