Using Technology to Secure Your Business Properly

The vulnerability of businesses due to theft, vandalism, and burglaries in the cannabis industry is an important matter, and something business owners should invest in deterring. With the amount of high-end product on-site, and typically large amounts of cash at any given time, business owners need to take protective measures before its too late. A dispensary or a grow operation without surveillance is a perfect target. Using quality technology to deter would-be thieves is a must for business owners in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

Surveillance Cameras & Alarm Systems

A burglar alarm system (also referred to as an Intrusion Detection System) is a sufficient way to to lower the risk of crime. With most security systems an important feature is the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). These will often times have a television camera and a monitor, in which each camera requires it's own power supply. These are very good with recording quality video evidence, which can help with recovering stolen goods and prosecuting the individuals responsible. It is important to monitor the live feeds constantly to be aware of what has been recorded. 

Surveillance cameras are great to be able to view if someone has broken in, whether or not they have stolen anything, but you may find that alarm systems are your greatest deterrent to theft. There are three main types of alarms systems:

  • Mercantile Systems: The alarm is controlled by the property owner and is activated in and outside the building.
  • Central Station Alarms: This alarm will send a signal to a central station where trained personnel are located. It will alert authorities to investigate the area and notifies the chosen point of contact.

Lighting Systems

Burglars and thieves, more times than not, target places that are not well lit. Increasing visibility around your business can help keep unwanted individuals away. Having light will also help the security cameras get a more clear view of the surrounding areas. Having motion detectors for your light setup or using timed lighting systems are great for off hours.

Installing a quality security system can help significantly reduce unwanted persons visiting your location. Make sure you're familiar with the different regulations of your business before selecting a security system.