How to Prepare For and Help Prevent a Building Fire

Fire protection is paramount for cannabis related businesses. Your inventory and equipment is essential to your ability to stay in business. When looking into a new space or assessing your current space, here are some things that you should be considering:

Building Construction and Design

Chances are you are leasing a building or a portion of one. Before sinking thousands of dollars into the lease and space, ask to review the building designs and consider using an outside consultant on to advise on the protection quality of the build. Check with the city to see permit records to make sure the building is up to or exceeding building and fire codes. These regulations are put into place in order to restrict the spread of fire in the facility. Here are some key tips when reviewing building design for fire protection:

  • Fire sprinkler systems, standpipes, explosion relief venting, and special hazard systems individualized for the facility’s needs should all be installed. You should have the sprinkler system tested before moving into your space. 
  • Electrical outlet boxes should be placed on opposite sides of the wall. They should be separated by a horizontal distance of at least 24 inches. They should only be made of materials successfully tested by proper authorities for use in fire-resistance-rated assemblies.
  • Construction should utilize long fire-rated partitions and firewalls to create separate fire divisions that help limit exposure.

Other than the building engineering for fire safety to protect your property, be sure it is designed well for life safety. You and your staff need to have multiple means of egress in case of fire. 

Fire Detection & Alarms

Fire detection is just as important or more important construction and design. Hard-wired smoke detectors and a central monitored fire alarm service will help prevent a large fire by detecting it early. Gone are the days of underground cannabis businesses with no cooperation from local and state agencies. Your fire marshal should be happy to work with your legal and permitted business in order to protect you and the public. Investing in a great prevention plan is almost always money well spent. Technology and services in the fire detection and monitoring areas have gotten better every year. 

By thoroughly thinking through building construction, design and fire detection and alarms, your facility will be well-prepared to contain and control a possible destructive fire. However, even when you’ve done everything you can to protect against fire, accidents can still happen.

The proper insurance coverage is necessary to protect yourself and your business financially. We will assist you with loss control services to help address glaring concerns before a loss happens. May times you pay for this in the cost of your insurance premium or via separate fees by the carrier. So, you may as well fully utilize the loss control services. Contact us today to make sure you’re covered before a fire...