Strain of the Week: G13

The Strain of the Week this week is a heavy Indica strain, called G13. G13 is the source of one of the greatest urban legend in cannabis. The story goes that the FBI, CIA, and a few other government agencies gathered the highest quality strains of cannabis from breeders and cultivators all over the world. At a very discrete operating location at the University of Mississippi, they bred new forms of "super hybrids" in the late 60's. The story goes on to say that a single trimming of this plant was obtained by an unnamed worker, and bred for the public. Whether or not this strain was the subject of government experimentation is a mystery, but we do know for certain that this strain delivers exactly what patients and users enjoy: a powerful, full-body effect.

The G13 strain is used primarily to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The distribution of THC to CBD delivers a calming, heavy body-high, and a light euphoric feeling in the head. This is a very good "nightcap" type of cannabis; best utilized before bed.