Client Spotlight: Défoncé Chocolatier

Here at Cannabis Insurance Associates, we like to recognize our clients who are making strides and setting trends within the industry. Défoncé Chocolatier is an edible producer right next to our offices here in the Bay Area. Their high-quality medicated chocolate bars have demonstrated to the industry what happens when quality product and industry experience intersect. “Both chocolate-making and cannabis-growing attract thoughtful, passionate artisans, people who dedicate their lives to perfecting their crafts,” said Défoncé Chocolatier founder Eric Eslao, a former iTunes producer. “With this ambitious new line of chocolates we explore and honor these two separate, but complementary, pursuits. These new products, the result of intense and wide-ranging culinary research and development in our kitchen, set a new standard for cannabis-infused chocolate.” With a firm understanding of customer demand and supply chain development, Défoncé is becoming one of the most prominent names in the high-end edible market. Défoncé’s team of chocolatiers, with experience at chocolate companies like TCHO in San Francisco, works closely with Hummingbird Medicinals, an exclusive cannabis farm in the Sierra Nevada foothills. At Hummingbird, the plants spend their entire lives in the open air and sun, growing strong and potent in biodynamic soil. Unlike most cannabis farms, Hummingbird Medicinals invests so much effort and savvy into enhancing the quality of the soil that the cannabis plants do not need additional fertilizer; they thrive from the soil’s nutrients alone. By working so closely with one farmer, whose cannabis is a product of California sun and soil (instead of a greenhouse and potting soil), Défoncé’s chocolates exhibit true California cannabis terroir. Below you can see just a few of their product types, as well as the effect that good aesthetics can have on one's perception of a product. 

With only a short look at these product types, it is not a huge surprise that Défoncé Chocolatier is one of the market-leading edible producers. Newer entrants to the industry can learn a great deal about strategy, marketing and product design by studying the methods of companies like this. CEO Eric Eslao continues to deliver service and quality to his customers, and demonstrates that which we all hope becomes a pillar in this industry: business integrity. If you have not already, go visit and see the various products they offer, and see if your local dispensary carries Défoncé. And if they don't ask them, "Well, why not?!