Client Spotlight: American Cannabis Company

Here at Cannabis Insurance Associates, we like to recognize our clients and partners for their successes and contributions to the industry. American Cannabis Company is an incredibly successful, publicly-traded consulting firm that has been helping their clients achieve immense levels of success.

Originating from Denver, Colorado, American Cannabis Company Inc. was founded to meet the needs of the quickly-growing, legal marijuana industry. They provide product solutions and end-to-end consulting for the both the medical and recreational cannabis markets, both nationally and internationally. Their set of skills and expertise are oriented towards companies entering or currently operating in the legal cannabis sector. They can facilitate everything form licensing build-out, to cultivation and retailing/wholesaling. American Cannabis Company has also developed an extensive portfolio of products including: SoHum Living Soils, The Satchel, Cultivation Cube, and the High Density Cultivation unit. With prior experience as owners and operators of cannabis businesses, founders Corey Hollister and Ellis Smith had an excellent foundation laid out for American Cannabis Company. Through their efforts, and collaboration from company members like COO Terry Buffalo, American Cannabis Company established the "Geoponics Methodology" of cannabis cultivation which focuses on the genetic optimization of the plant.

American Cannabis Company has now helped clients win over 13 cannabis licenses in eight different states, and continues to demonstrate its profound understanding of this market segment and how to navigate compliance issues in this very new industry space. ACC has designed over 500,000 square feet of cannabis-operative facilities, and have finished state-of-the-art indoor build-outs, as well as greenhouse build-outs. While a majority of American Cannabis Company's business is domestic, it is currently growing in various sectors in Canada.

American Cannabis Company has been and continues to be one of the leaders in the cannabis industry. A combination of incredible intelligence, outstanding leadership, and perpetual innovation has helped them bring several unique products to the market, that have in turn aided cannabis cultivators in achieving success for their own businesses. We at Cannabis Insurance Associates are proud to insure American Cannabis Company, as they are truly an enabler for their fellow businesses in the cannabis industry. Visit their website (link below) and see for yourself some of the accomplishments of this industry pioneer.