Northern California Fires Devastate Cannabis Crops

Last October, devastating fires hit the Napa and Santa Rosa areas of northern California. With over 250,000 acres burned and a total loss of around 9.4 billion dollars, the fires hurt many different agricultural industries. Of them all, the cannabis industry may have suffered the worst.

The fires led to millions of dollars in damage for the still young and growing cannabis industry. While total damage may have been the worst for grape-growers, the timing was awful for those trying to make a name in cannabis. October is almost prime harvesting time. This means that acres of the crop were devoted time and money only to be burned down weeks before being distributed. 

This is not all either. Unlike grape-growers, the majority of cannabis growers did not have a secure insurance plan to cover their losses. This is where we come in. As one of the first insurance brokers able to work with and provide service to cannabis growers on a national level, we will help prevent this same under preparation from happening. We will not be able to predict when or where the next fire will come, but we can help you prepare for every worst case scenario. 

If you are a cultivator looking for a professional agency that can help with all of your insurance needs, please contact us.