Strain Of The Week: Blue Dream

This week's Strain of the Week is the hybrid strain, Blue Dream. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis whose origins lie in California. The strain was produced when cultivators successfully crossed a Blueberry Indica strain, with a Haze Sativa strain. The ratio of indica to sativa within the strain can sometimes vary, but it remains sativa-dominant in almost all cases This type of cannabis produces a calming effect by providing the physical bodily relaxation of an indica, while keeping the slight cerebral invigoration of a sativa. The two effects in unison, provide a calming euphoria for the user. This allows for a quick relief of symptoms, without causing a heavy, sedated feeling. Blue Dream is most effective in treating those with pain, depression, and nausea; all of which are better treated by a high-THC strain like this one.