Three Reasons Not To Buy "Cheap" Insurance For Your Cannabis Business

I hate the word CHEAP. It even sounds bad. I hear cheap and think poor quality, not savings. So losing a potential client on price is painful because I know they are buying something cheap. I do like the term affordable. Affordable means reasonably priced.
Cannabis Insurance Associates has been affordably helping cannabis businesses find the coverage they need since the cannabis industry went full swing. We understand quality and offer the best insurance product and service in the market. Premium is the term we use for cost of insurance. Premium does not refer to how much coverage or service you are buying.
Here are three reasons you should not buy cheap insurance for your cannabis operation:

1.       You get what you pay for. Your daddy probably taught you this years ago. It was likely right after the new TV he bought crapped out after two weeks of buying it. He cursed and said, “Well, you get what you pay for!” This saying applies to insurance as well. Don’t wait until after a loss to figure out there was a reason you paid less for insurance.

2.       Buying on price usually means a lack of quality. We insure several cannabis businesses across the country. Our first clients that are still in business and still our clients understand quality. Instead of asking price questions, they asked questions like:
a.       Why is your policy different?
b.      Are there any other coverages we should consider?
c.       How is your service and claims handling?
I would argue that these companies are still in business because they understand quality and put the same quality in their products and services as we do in coverage and services. Funny how the owners we did write, that seemed obsessed with price, went out of business almost as fast as we wrote them...

3.       Your time is valuable. Shopping insurance can be painful and time consuming. Not many brokers understand your business or have the ability to write businesses involved in cannabis. Why spend half a day to save $500 on coverage that doesn’t actually protect you? Your time is way too valuable to explain how the cannabis industry works, andthen wait days for that agent to try to make calls to figure out where they can find you a quote… Come on.

Do yourself a favor and treat cheap for what it is, that dollar store item that broke on the way to the car. If you operate a cannabis business and understand quality, we want to talk to you. Chances are we are way more affordable than you think. However, buying coverage that doesn’t pay when you need it is very expensive.