Medical Marijuana Legislation Passed in Michigan

It seems that there is finally some good news for our friends in Michigan, as Governor Rick Snyder has signed on legislation that will provide an administrative framework for the Medical Marijuana Industry in the state. Over the past week and a half Governor Snyder has approved three of five bills that have been approved by the state’s legislature. These bills include House Bill 4209, that will establish a uniform system of licensing for businesses seeking to enter the Medical Cannabis Industry. A motion that will no doubt make it easier for businesses to operate in the sector, and clear up some of the uncertainty of starting in the MMJ industry. The second bill that was passed legalized MIP’s, or Marijuana Infused Products. This will allow for the various forms of medication to reach the people who need it most, and give them options in making their medication more accessible and discreet. The third and final bill that was signed requires businesses operating in the Cannabis Sector to utilize a seed to sale tracking system. Aside from the regulatory aspects of this bill, it helps to bring some legitimacy to the product businesses are giving to patients, as it will ensure ethical and clean sourcing of products and supplies. At the signing ceremony for the legislation, Gov. Snyder stated, “We can finally implement a solid framework that gives patients a safe source from which to purchase and utilize medical marijuana.”

   This passing of bills comes as a huge victory for Michigan’s legislature, as they have been trying for several years to come to an agreement on a regulatory framework that can provide stability to the Medical Marijuana Business in the state. A framework was a necessity as police raids on the dispensaries have been a constant issue since the first dispensaries were even open. When the first Medical Marijuana laws were passed, it did not account for a solidified system in which they could operate. With this great step forward, we will be seeing some positive changes for the cannabis industry for our Northern Midwest friends.