Keeping Up With The Jones's: Could New Hampshire Be Next For Legal Cannabis?

With 62% of New Hampshire’s adults in support of the legalization of cannabis, how is it the single remaining New England state that still punishes individuals in possession of small amounts of cannabis? The current laws puts people at risk of being saddled with a criminal record or even jail time for being in possession of the smallest amounts of cannabis. Over the years New Hampshire lawmakers have had a unusually difficult time with getting even small reforms related to cannabis past the senate, but that all changed on Friday.

Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodbury has announced plans to introduce legislation that is intended to create a market for legal cannabis, allowing people over the age of 21 to purchase and use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. This ground-breaking news comes in the wake of neighboring states Massachusetts and Maine legalizing recreational cannabis, and has inspired hope in the cannabis industry across the state. However, it could still be a matter of years before legal cannabis shops start opening up downtown. While Woodbury seems unwavering in his backing of cannabis, his vision for the industry comes into fruition as late as the year 2020. Regardless of the projected date, this is a huge step in the right direction for New Hampshire towards legalizing cannabis!