Colorado's Pot Czar To Help Massachusetts With Transition Into Legal Cannabis

Massachusetts faces a number of challenges as it transitions into a legal state, similar to the states that moved to legalize Cannabis before it. There are countless regulatory hurdles that need to be cleared, such as choosing a state body to monitor regulation and agreeing on what constitutes legal possession and use. Luckily, there are veterans in this process who are here to help.

On Wednesday, officials announced that Colorado's "Pot Czar", Andrew Freedman would be helping Massachusetts with this effort. Freedman was selected by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper back in 2014 to help lead Colorado's transition into a legal cannabis state. Since then, Freedman has been incredibly successful in working through the state's bureaucracy, public health sector, and law enforcement organization to help pave the way to recreational marijuana. This is a very welcome move for Massachusetts, the 8th state in the U.S. to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Freedman, a Harvard Law School graduate, has had the experience necessary to facilitate a move like this, being one of the few people who has led a state's legal cannabis transition effort from organized chaos to a functioning, regulated system. CO Governor Hickenlooper stated that Freeman was "probably the most knowledgeable person in the United States in terms of how you create a regulatory framework for recreational marijuana", which is the reason he feels Freedman is so well suited to aid Massachusetts in this endeavor.

We wish our friends in one of the 13 original colonies the best of luck on this adventure to a better phase of cannabis law. The residents of Massachusetts are lucky to have Andrew Freedman on their side, but it is the duty of all of us to pay attention to the legislature our local, state, and federal governments are looking to pass so that we can make sure this movement continues in a forward and progressive direction.