A Pre-Election Look at Legalization Poll Predictions for 2016

Adult-Use Measures on the Ballot



Adult Use: Proposition 205

Oct. 20 Arizona Republic poll has 50% favoring, 42% opposing, 8% undecided.


Adult Use: Proposition 64

SurveyUSA poll: 52%-41% in favor. USC/LA Times poll: 58%-34% in favor of legalizing.


Adult Use: Question 1

Governor LePage is against it, but polls say 55% of Maine residents want it to pass


Adult Use: Question 4

Oct 19 WBUR poll has Q4 passing, 55% to 40%. Oct 27 Suffolk U/Boston Globe poll has it passing 49 to 42%.


Adult Use: Question 2

Latest: 57% for, 33% against legalization. But $2 mil in attack ads are about to air in the state


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