Alaska’s First Legal Marijuana Shop Opens For Business

In yet another victory for the legal cannabis movement, the state of Alaska has opened their first recreational cannabis shop for business. This comes nearly two years after Alaskans voted to legalize commercial cannabis. On Saturday, October 29th, Herbal Outfitters opened their store to the public in Valdez, AK. Michael Holcombe, a 63 year-old Valdez resident, was the store’s first customer. An excited Holcombe told the media, “I’ve been waiting 46 years for this to open!”. Following Holcombe was a long line of 250 local residents, eager to make their first ever cannabis purchase in the state.


Herbal Outfitters owner, Richard Ballow said that he was not expecting to be the first recreational cannabis shop open in the state, but nonetheless feels extremely blessed to be a part of this movement. Currently, Herbal Outfitters will only be selling cannabis flower, but said they hope to add edibles and concentrates to the menu once permits are in place with the state.


This opening marks a big step for the state of Alaska, and gives inspiration to others to enter the legal cannabis industry in the area. Two more retail shops are set to open in Fairbanks, AK, following inspections next week, with many more being planned in the future. Let this be a reminder to get out on November 8th and vote for the right ballot initiatives in your state, so we can see more news like this in the future.