Closed Loop Extraction: The Right Choice For Your Business

The technology used to extract cannabis for oils and concentrates has been advancing at a rapid pace due to growing demand in states that are adopting recreational and medical ordinances. Oils are derived when cannabis as a plant is taken, and through a process using gases like butane and CO2, has it’s chemical components extracted from it to form a concentrated liquid substance of much greater potency. In the early stages of this cannabis product, crude extraction techniques were used to produce black, tar-like oils such as the “Rick Simpson Oil” or certain forms of Hash. These sub-par creations are beginning to fade from existence as new methods of extraction are being introduced, namely: Closed-Loop Extraction.

Closed-Loop Extraction (CLE) is symbolic of the massive shift in the way that oil producers and consumers are approaching cannabis concentrates. Much of the negative attention  paid to concentrates resulted from inexperienced extractors performing open loop extraction; a process where the butane being extracted is not in a sealed system, allowing gases to escape and cause an explosion if touched by open flame. For butane extraction, CLE is currently the safest method for extracting cannabis oil. It is a method where the extraction system is completely sealed, which does not allow the gases to escape. CLE is also a more efficient means of extraction. CLE Systems will normally be under greater pressure than the open-loop systems which increases the interface time between the butane and the raw cannabis, resulting in a more complete extraction process. Part of this efficiency comes from the fact that CLE systems allow the extractor to better control the temperature which has directly affects the solubility of the THC into the butane. The final benefit of CLE is the quality of the finished product. Oils and concentrates extracted. The strongest and most flavorful oils come from CLE systems. With the exception of carefully refined ice-hash, no product extracted from any other type of system can yield the same potency and satisfaction as Closed-Loop Extraction Systems.